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The fact that we only provide organic seeds is no coincidence, it is a conscious choice. We are becoming more and more people on our planet, therefore we have to take care of our limited resources, environment and  biodiversity so future generations can enjoy.  


Choosing organically produced seeds where the use of chemicals in cultivation has been minimized

you contribute to long-term sustainable development both for your own health and for our planet. By growing organic vegetables and herbs, you contribute to the pursuit of ecologically sustainable development and to utilize the world's resources.


All of our seeds are EU organic and KRAV certified. KRAV is the Swedish organic market’s private label. KRAV requirements have to be followed in addition to those requested by EU-Organic. KRAV standards are adapted to the IFOAM Standards and included in the IFOAM Family of Standards. KRAV standards also fulfill the EU regulation for organic production (EC) No 834/2007.


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In addition to organic seeds, sustainable packaging is important to us.

Therefore, all of our seed bags are environmentally friendly and made from 95% recycled material.